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At EDGE Sports Counseling, our team combines psychological principles with sports performance to enhance an athlete’s mental, emotional, and physical well being.

How is mental game training beneficial

Our coaching sessions are tailored for athletes to provide strategies to manage performance anxiety, improve concentration and focus during athletic play, increase confidence, and address perfectionism.  We also utilize goal setting and motivation strategies to boost individual performance.


How does mental game coaching vs counseling work?         

  • Each of our clients will begin with a thorough assessment to evaluate and develop a baseline to determine if they are a candidate for mental game coaching or counseling.

  •  Identify areas for improvement, and collaboratively set goals.

  •  Customized plans for coaching or counseling sessions that focus on the individual.

  • Lastly, we regularly evaluate your progress and adjust strategies to ensure continuous improvement.

How long will I need therapy?  

The length of therapy is contingent on a number of factors.  

This is something we will discuss after the free consult.

Some individuals begin to see results within a few sessions, others need more time, and some like the consistency of ongoing care.

How do I know if I am in a slump?

Are you performing better in practice than you are in competition? 

Are you worried about having a perfect game or what everyone else thinks about your performance?

Do you have trust and confidence in your skills?

Are you hard on yourself after an error in competition? 

These are all potential signs of being in a slump.  Our team will be able to assist you more to provide necessary insight for this disconnect and assist with strategies to help. 

Do you accept insurance?

We are an out of network provider; however, we do provide a super bill for you to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. It also depends on if you have counseling services or coaching services.  (*Policies may vary)


What is your client base

Our client base ranges from youth to professional levels from various and diverse sporting backgrounds.

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