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Ladricca White

LPC-Associate/Mental Performance Coach

Toll Free: (888) 343-0570

Office: (832) 742-8871


1201 Fannin Street, Suite 262

Houston, TX. 77002

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About me...

Ladricca White, a previous school counselor with over 22 years of experience in the field, is from Louisiana and now lives in Texas. She has a Masters of Education in Administration and a Masters in Counseling and is also a Certified Mindfulness Informed Professional.


Throughout her career, Ladricca has worked with individuals of various ages and needs, creating a safe and positive environment for them to learn necessary problem-solving strategies for their success. One of Ladricca's areas of expertise is in supporting student athletes and their mental well-being and helping them expand their focus on their future. 


As the wife of a former professional athlete who is now a professional athletic coach, and as a mother to a former high school multi-sport athlete who is now a college student athlete, she understands the pressures and stresses that come with performing at a high level consistently. Athletes face high expectations, and it is crucial to have a support system in place to assist with their mental well-being.  


Ladricca recognizes that athletes may encounter mental blocks or fear of failure, which can hinder their performance. She also recognized the fact that some athletes don't feel comfortable seeking help or they feel as if something must be wrong before you seek help.  To address this stigma around mental health, she strives to empower athletes with the necessary tools to prioritize their well-being. By enhancing their wellness in all areas, athletes can improve their athletic performance and overall quality of life. 


Ladricca White has used her experiences as a wife, mother, and counselor educator to see the need for the support.  With her background in counseling and a passion for supporting athletes' mental well-being, the dynamic need for their support was very evident. She believes in providing athletes with the necessary tools to overcome mental blocks and achieve their full potential both in their competitive arena and outside. It is because of this that Ladricca remains steadfast in ensuring that every athlete has the tools they need to prioritize their mental health and EDGE out their competition. 

*Ladricca is under the supervision of LaQuondria Levias-Patterson, LPC-S

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