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At EDGE Sports Counseling, we understand the complexities of managing a successful sports career, family responsibilities, and staying at the top of your game.  We offer Telehealth services to clients through a secure HIPPA compliant system for your privacy and convenience.  Our mission is "to provide comprehensive support to athletes, coaches, and organizations by promoting mental awareness through education, advocacy, and access to professional resources." Let EDGE help you.

Why mental game coaching?

EDGE Sports Counseling offers personalized expertise tailored to the unique challenges of athletes and sports organizations.  Our approach focuses on enhancing mental resilience, optimizing performance, and fostering a supportive environment.  With a commitment to comprehensive strategies and a track record of success, we aim to elevate both individual athletes and the overall performance of sports organizations.

How do we collaborate?

EDGE Sports Counseling offers a variety of customizable plans based on the needs of individual and corporate clients. We also work collaboratively with organizations to protect athletes' mental well being by conducting comprehensive assessments, developing tailored mental health programs, and implementing proactive strategies.  We prioritize open communication channels, providing resources for athletes, coaches, and staff.  By fostering a culture that breaks the stigma mental health discussions, offering workshops, and integrating support systems, we ensure a holistic approach to mental well being within the organization.  Our goal is to create an environment where athletes can thrive both on and off the field.





Man holding ropes alternating them with his arms.
Football Match
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Football Player
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